“Search” is to question. “SEO” is an answer provider.

The act of searching is the procedure of seeking the answer for a question in a search engine. So SEO can be defined as providing an answer to the searcher’s question. If you focus on a person who needs an answer, it’s not difficult to succeed in SEO.

The basic approach of SEO
The most important thing for SEO is to solidify the basics of what a search engine recommends. What SEO is can be simplified and expressed as follows.

Search is
To pose a question to the search engine
SEO is
To provide an answer to the question

Sometimes you will require a variety of knowledge and skills. Such as in the case of implementing more dense measures. But this should be done after the basic measures have been done properly. If you’re trying to address SEO for your site, what you may want to do is appropriately answer the questions related to business areas of the company as a professional.

You do not have to know about markup, link structure, meta tags and so on. It has nothing to do with the question and answer. These are the unimportant details. Everyone can implement proper SEO if you follow these two things.

Imagine a question and need
Provide an answer and service

These 2 points above are the core of good SEO. If your website accumulates high quality answers and a high quantity of them, your website can obtain a large number of visitors. There are three things you should consider to improve the quality and quantity of responses.
Which keywords will the searchers use to query?
What is the contextual background of the searcher to let them search?
What is the best answer for the searchers to let them understand what they want to know precisely?

If you can not answer the question or think about how you could provide the answer for a potential customer’s questions, then you will struggle to optimize your website.

Have a fun and enjoy communicating with your customers!

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