Hi there, I’m Dio who has been working as a web developer and SEO advisor. I have spent all my time to learn not only SEO and web development, but also study English in order to communicate with everyone in across the world. I would be glad if you could give me advice, point something out and correct grammar mistakes.

So I will try to post what I thought and found regarding SEO tips & trend and web development trend such as CSS, HTML, programing languages and so on.

I will do the best to update every week.

Anyway, today’s first post is just introduction of this blog. As I mentioned above, the purpose of this blog is to output what I soaked up and what I simplified for SEO and web development.

In terms of SEO success, no one can say that there is a perfect way to achieve get high ranking in search engine result page. SEO should be considered from a variety of point of view, which it is very difficult to understand comprehensively. I tried to summarize how to do SEO effectively to be done and review what a current trend of SEO is in this blog.

In addition, I will catch up latest information of web development in order to develop a sophisticated site for my clients. I do not like secret, I like share with anybody if it helps each other.

I hope this blog will help you if you develop your own web site or blog and when you want to get thousands of visitors to your website.

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