About content marketing

Content marketing is one of a long term online marketing strategy that affects the potential customer on their buying motivation. To achieve this, creating an attractive and useful content that could be a contact point between the seller and visitors is important factor to generate interactive communication.

Business scenario:
This is a scenario of what content marketing does.
A man was looking for the way to do effective muscle training and he searched the internet with “muscle training”. There were a plenty of contents in the result page, he then finally found a content which was helpful to care of his muscle training.
He thought “I absolutely should bookmark this page because of useful.”
After he bookmarked it, he searched again with another keyword.
He found another content which was created by the site he just made a bookmark.
He recognized as “This content is also useful for me so I should bookmark it too”.
In the meantime, he became a big fan of this site.
Once he became a fan, he often checked this site’s update, downloaded the app they provide and subscribed on their mail magazine.
Finally, he bought a product that the site actually recommended.

The reason why he eventually bought the product from the site is that it is because that the contents were valuable and useful for a person who looked for something to treat his suffer.
The strategy of producing this behavior is called content marketing.
However, one question comes to your mind. Why did he believe these contents were useful? Why did he choose the website? The reason is simple. The advice and explanation they gave to him was precise, accurate and reasonable. In other words, if your content could REMIND him of things he needs, he would be interested in what your content says and it would make him active to be fan of your site.

Key Characteristics of Visitors from Search Engines.

When searching online, making use of the several main search engines is the means by which you conduct a successful search. The search engine performs a prominent role as the first point of contact and entrance to the Internet – therefore featuring in the search results with a high ranking is a vital factor when enticing visitors to your site.

Three general initiatives of the visitor from a search engine often include:

  1. Searching for content and information.
  2. Landing on a page whose content is perhaps too broad or too specific for their requirements.
  3. The page isn’t suitable to their search requirements.

When searching for your business or product, most visitors will not be directed to your site and with a low Search Engine ranking, they won’t locate it within the results. Therefore, the site manager/owner has to ensure the visitor reaches your site within the first pages of search results.

The purpose of a search from the visitor’s perspective:

Let’s classify it into three types of queries.
1. Informational queries
– The search for finding out information. A target of query is broad and the relevance of result may depend on the searcher or search query.
Eg. “How to fix flat tire for a bike” or “Squid + Pasta + Recipe”
2. Navigational queries
– The query to search for specific sites or content
Eg. “Youtube”, “Amazon”, “Google”
3. Transactional queries
– The search for specific products from the searcher who intends to purchase.
Eg. “eBay + microwave + clearance”, “Apple store + iPhone6”

These are all general, major queries and SEO is effective in taking the visitor and their needs to the site not only most appropriate to their search queries, but the site that features highly in SEO rankings.